Great River Energy

Minnesota’s first LEED platinum site integrates a wide variety of green technology including 7 acres of prairie, large rain gardens, two green roofs, 4200 shrubs, two fruit tree orchards and an irrigation system that uses reclaimed water.


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Target North

This project featured the challenge of new construction while the campus was open for business. Challenges included establishing a site with sandy soils during 100 degree heat.

Medtronic Cardiac Rhythm

This site contains over 29000 nativar type perennials , 3600 shrubs and almost 700 trees. From start to finish the project took 10 weeks to complete at a value of over a million dollars.

General Mills

World Headquarters

This project included tight phase scheduling to meet the timelines. Work consisted of over 700 trees, over 1000 ton of aggregate and over 59000 square yards of sod.

Bloomington Station

This multi-use public park combined a variety of large, difficult to find plants including over 8000 perennials. The challenge to this project was the amount of underground facilities including electrical wiring for site lighting, sound, irrigation. Trees were planted prior to hard surfacing and placement needed to be exact. Crisp lines were a critical dimension of this project. This project won an MNLA award.

Allianz Life

This site features 69 trees of 6” caliper or larger, and another 112 trees 4” caliper. This site had a very tight construction schedule and involved a significant amount of coordination and planning. Soils were a challenge with some contamination at the site.

Oakdale Village

This highly visible retail site involves more than the average quantities of plant materials. The site features a series of large ponds connect by a wet creek bed.

Regions Hospital Landscape

Regions Hospital

In the heart of St Paul’s capitol hill this site posed difficult access. The unique design approach using land forms and utilizing the natural warmth of stone helped the customer provide a beautiful space in a busy area in the heart of the city.